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A Quadratic Cap of My Own

Hello again blog, it’s been ages! This is a quick knitting update to get me back into the blogging rhythm. Did you see it’s snowing on wordpress? I love December.


After borrowing and coveting my father’s Quadratic Cap(s) all last winter, I formed vague plans to make my own (and to stop stealing my father’s, Sorry Dad). My winter coat is now a nice olive green instead of basic black, so my new hat needed to coordinate with the warmer color. Some of my old favorites in the hat department look a bit… odd against an olive coat. Bright magenta and olive green are not natural allies.


I have a minor obsession with Berocco’s Ultra Alpaca yarn, not only because it is a cozy, well-balanced blend of wool and alpaca, but also because the colors are saturated and gorgeous. Many of the yarns are “mixes” or blends of a number of vibrantly colored fibers to create one richly colored yarn. The two colors I used for my hat were the Tiger’s Eye Mix and Lobster Mix, a caramel gold and a deep, muted purple respectively. I knit the pattern as written, and it is precisely as warm and cozy and complementary-colored as I had planned.


Of course, now I need matching hand gear…

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