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Spring Progress Update

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This is just a short post with a few brief updates.

The Miette Cardigan flew off the needles. It has been far too long since I last took on a sweater-sized project, but knitting this cardigan has rekindled of my first garment-making love. Yet just as I feared would happen, the cardigan has languished 95% finished and lacking buttons due to a busy end to the Spring semester. Inevitably, the sweater will actually be finished just as the weather gets too warm to tolerate a wool cardigan. Ah, the woes of a knitter.

Here are two pictures of the forlorn sweater in progress, waiting for its buttons. There will be another post with project notes and nicer pictures once the buttons are attached and the cardigan is completed.

miette in progress 1Miette in Progress 2

In the month ahead, I will be taking on the challenge of Me-Made-May ’13, a challenge to crafty bloggers organized at the lovely sewing blog, sozowhatdoyouknow. Me-Made-May exists for the very simple purpose of encouraging people who make or refashion their own clothing to deliberately wear their results. This can serve many different purposes depending on how the challenge is implemented. For me, I think it will be a good way to enjoy experimenting with clothing combinations and to determine which of my projects are most successful in real life conditions and why. The end goal would, of course, be making more wearable, useful projects.

I have pledged to wear a me-made garment at least 3 days each week for the duration of May 2013. The standard challenge is actually to wear a self-made garment every day of the month, but I am afraid that my current wardrobe will not support the necessary activities in the month ahead. I’ve not sewn much that would serve me well while gardening or moving to a new apartment. I am thrilled at the challenge to take full advantage of the blouses, skirts and dresses in my closet! It should be interesting to see how May progresses.

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