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Welcome to Autumnyarn!

I am a graduate student living in the Washington, DC area. Sewing and knitting provide a creative counter-balance to my more academic pursuits with the added benefit of wearable end products.

Autumnyarn began when I realized that writing wasn’t fun anymore. When you need to write for academic purposes, writing itself can take on the stresses and frustrations of academia. Looking for ways to push back against that single, stressful association of writing, I eventually found that blogging about my creative adventures eases the stress. Writing can and should be more than drudgery, and finding balance helps to keep it that way.


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  1. Hello,
    I just stumbled upon your blog when searching online for princess seams on stiff fabric. I read a lot of sewing blogs and yours is the best I have ever come across. I just wanted to compliment you on your writing style. How wonderful to read a blog with humour and correct grammar, literary references and good spelling!!! The quality of the photos with close-up detail is great too. As a now retired academic with lots of time for sewing, I can relate to what you say about taking a break from professional writing with its tedious codes. Anyway, I shouldn’t linger: I am off to town for two 55cm zips for two shifts I am making for the summer. One of the fabrics is really a home decor linen, a bit stiff, but I am hoping after a few washes it’ll soften up. At 4 euro 50 from the remnant bin, I thought it didn’t matter if I ended up chopping it up for a couple of totes.
    As we say here in France, “Bonne continuation!” and congratulations on a marvellous blog. Best wishes, Maggie

    P.S. Please excuse GB spelling…

    • Thank you for those lovely words of encouragement! This blog has been a much needed outlet and ever-present help in times of academic stress. I hope your linen shifts come out just how you imagine them! I’m starting a linen project myself now that summer has descended on DC. Good luck on all your sewing endeavors!

  2. I’m a new reader too – I googled Simplicity 1699 and found your review – and I am happy to find another great sewing blog.


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