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Bruyère Dress

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Ah May, that gentle season when the semester ends, the weather warms, and the time and mental energy for blogging returns. While warm weather is upon us, this post concerns a dress meant for colder weather that was sewn this past winter. The pattern in question is the Bruyère Shirt from Deer and Doe patterns – I clearly decided to lengthen the shirt into a dress, but that was the only real modification made here.


I don’t tend to wear tunic-length garments very often, but I loved the fit and the lines on this pattern. Fortunately, the shirt pattern lends itself very easily to this sort of modification. I simply extended the existing skirt pattern pieces to 20 inches and squared off the hemline. Of course, if you decide to make a dress out of the Bruyère Shirt, learn from my mistakes. Those button placket pieces? Those should probably be lengthened too or your dress is going to look very silly.


One benefit of getting behind on blog posts is that the additional passage of time makes for more opportunities to wear a garment and figure out its quirks before writing about it. After a good bit of wear this winter and spring, I can confidently say that I like how this project came out.  The fabric is a loosely-woven, lightweight cotton flannel that my mother sent me. While the fabric was murder to cut out because the plaid kept skewing, all the careful cutting was worth it because the plaids match everywhere and look quite sharp. The flannel makes this dress cosy, soft and perfect for wearing on cool days with tights and boots.

Multiple occasions for wearing this dress, however, have only confirmed my initial suspicion that the high waist would annoy me. The waistband of this dress hits me in the odd, no-woman’s-land above my natural waist but below where an empire waist would sit. This may have happened because I over-generously french seamed the waist band to keep the plaids in alignment. I am unsure. In any case, the next time I make this pattern I will most likely lengthen the bodice. Other than this small adjustment for fit, this pattern is a delight to sew. The sleeve placket is fussy – they always are – but the outcome is very neat.


In case you are wondering (though you probably aren’t), it is rather difficult to get a picture of shirt cuffs and/or plackets without verging into the ridiculous. Frankly, I think the “I Dream of Jeanie” option above was the best we could hope for because the cat? Was absolutely no help this time.


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I am a graduate student who sews and knits to satisfy the creative urge, makes clothing to keep the creativity useful, and writes about it to de-stress.

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