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A Tale of Two Bow Blouses

It was the best of sewing projects and it was… the best of sewing projects? These blouses turned out to be the best kind of clothes sewing – pretty, fun to make, and workhorses for the wardrobe. After sorting out the fit and establishing that New Look 6107 is in fact everything I could want in a short sleeve blouse, I went ahead and made two more. These are the sort of shirts that make me annoyed whenever they are in the wash because I can’t wear them. (Arguably this just means I need to do laundry more frequently, but I digress) The only new modification in these two blouses was widening the neckband for wider ties. This 1) was much less fussy to sew than the narrow ties original to the pattern and 2) makes the possibility of flashing the bra a complete non-issue. While I adore pretty clothes, I adore pretty clothes I don’t have to fuss with all day even more.

Lace Bow Blouse 1 New Look 6107

The first blouse was made of a cream cotton eyelet lace which I picked up last winter at one of the random fabric warehouse places in PA. The selvedges of the fabric are finished with a scallop design, so I tried to find ways to take advantage of the finished borders. I ended up cutting a 31/2″ wide strip for the tie, which folded over, with seam allowances, ended up around  11/2″ wide. Since I knew how the fit worked out already, I didn’t need to fiddle around with the seams, so I used French seams for a nice clean finish. I continue to be impressed with the nifty backing for the button loops. Here’s a better picture of those:

New Look 6107 button loops

But the most exciting part of this project was cutting it out. Laying out pattern pieces on fabric is always a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. In this case, I knew I wanted to use the pretty finished edges on the fabric where there would otherwise be hems. For the body pieces this was pretty straightforward. I decided to also use the finished edge for the bottom of the yoke piece in the back which came out rather cool. Cutting the sleeves was the tricky part because the bottom of the sleeve is curved in the pattern, but I put the straight line of the scalloped edge in the middle of the curve and it worked out fine. Look Mom, no hems!

Lace Bow Blouse 2 New Look 6107

The Voile Bow Blouse
One might expect a plain white short-sleeved blouse to go with everything, but my flowered version has turned out to be a versatile blouse that strangely goes with everything. There is not much to be said about this version in terms of variation, aside from the fact that it is beautiful and delicate and somehow indestructible and I love it beyond reason.

Voile Bow Blouse New Look 6107

It’s made from a voile I splurged on at G Street Fabrics last May. I’ve not worked with voile before (a lightweight, finely woven cotton) and seriously? Why did I not know how awesome this stuff is? It’s soft and smooth and drapey and semi-sheer like a good silk, but it’s cotton so it is easy to work with and to wash. That’s the best of both worlds as far as I’m concerned. Why did no one mention this? No really, why…

Voile Bow Blouse 3 New Look 6107

If it weren’t for limiting factors like weather and, you know, hygiene, I would be wearing this one every day.

Voile Bow Blouse 2 New Look 6107

Up next in the blog will be something a bit more seasonally appropriate. Stay tuned for some hats (and possibly a knitting pattern)!


About autumnyarn

I am a graduate student who sews and knits to satisfy the creative urge, makes clothing to keep the creativity useful, and writes about it to de-stress.

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  1. These are both so pretty!

  2. Your stitching looks impeccable!


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