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Hypoallergenic Ginger Skirt

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Last summer I acquired three yards of 60 inch wide red imitation linen fabric from a fabric store in PA. I’m reasonably certain it is entirely polyester. While this means the garments I’ve made out of it aren’t magically cool in the DC heat and humidity, it also means that they are not maniacally wrinkled every time I move. I am alright with the trade off and will save the challenges of sewing with real linen for another day.

Just how many garment can you make out of 3 yards of 60″ wide fake linen? Well, I managed three. Working very, very carefully I just managed to cut out a Ginger Skirt  from Colette Patterns in addition to the dress and the blouse I already posted. Ginger skirts have been blogged to death, so I suppose this is my rite-of-passage skirt post.  As I was trying to conserve fabric, this skirt is cut on the grain with the narrow waistband. I’ve made a Ginger skirt cut on the bias before, which is equally versatile and wearable.

Fun fact: I’m a bit allergic to ginger, especially if it’s uncooked, but the last thing this skirt does is give me the hives (or, you know,  anaphylaxis).

I will certainly be making more of these skirts in the future, especially now that I’ve worked out how long a zipper is necessary. In my first Ginger skirt, I used a standard 7″ zipper. Because the waist is so high on the skirt, a 7″ zipper doesn’t leave enough room to pull the skirt over the hips. I’ve since resorted to pulling that first skirt on over my head, but this pretty red one has a longer zipper and doesn’t share that problem.

Overall, the red fake-linen was terrific to work with because it takes a press easily but doesn’t spontaneously wrinkle if you breathe on it wrong. I have a whole new appreciation of just how many pattern pieces you can squeeze onto 60″ wide fabric as opposed to 45″ fabric. Of course, not needing to contend with a directional print that required matching helped to conserve fabric too.

New Goal: Sewing something that is not red.


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I am a graduate student who sews and knits to satisfy the creative urge, makes clothing to keep the creativity useful, and writes about it to de-stress.

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