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Now is the Winter of our (Knitting) Discontent

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Last winter I was living somewhere very cold and very windy. I am no stranger to cold weather, but the sustained high winds combined with the freezing temperatures were something of a shock to me. With the added velocity, the cold air had ways of creeping around the most determined barriers of warm clothing. I may have, on occasion, worn leggings AND flannel pajamas underneath my trousers when walking to work.

This previously unfamiliar level of cold weather triggered a primal, desperate need to knit warm things.  My largely subconscious logic went something like:

  1. Wow, it wouldn’t take much for this weather to kill you if you got stuck out in it.
  2. Problem? Cold. Solution?  Knitting!
  3. Knit Everything Right Now So I Don’t Die

Mind you, I was perfectly safe and warm if somewhat uncomfortable whenever I went outside. But the over-eager, problem-solving knitter in me was not concerned with something so irrelevant as reality.

A year later, weathering an unseasonably warm Washington, DC winter, I have almost no interest in knitting whatsoever. I have an excess of cold weather clothing. There is no real call for keeping warm with a lapful of wool for some knitting project. Spring has been lurking about since January.

So what does one knit when one doesn’t particularly need to? For me it seems to be lacy, scarf type things and presents. Also, I’ve determined that stripes are stupidly fun to knit.

Early this winter I made myself a Dream Stripes shawl to wear with my winter coat. I needed something fairly neutral, and the pattern seemed like a perfect fit for some fingering weight alpaca that had been languishing in the stash for several years. It is a simple, free pattern available in a number of different languages. Gotta love Ravelry.

It is beautiful and lacy and light and cozy and goes with everything, so pretty much perfect, right? Which means, of course, that the second one is taking a geological age.

I think I need some warm weather knitting inspiration… either that or a cold winter next year!


About autumnyarn

I am a graduate student who sews and knits to satisfy the creative urge, makes clothing to keep the creativity useful, and writes about it to de-stress.

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